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Lebe wohl Tag7 – Fotografie für Verliebte!

Lebe wohl altes Tag7 Logo. Nach inzwischen sieben Jahren wird es Zeit für einen Abschied, ich blicke gerne auf die wunderbaren Jahre mit dir zurück! In der Fotografie ist man niemals „angekommen“, Kreativität ist lebendig und wächst und entwickelt sich immer und in neue Richtungen. Inzwischen ist ein Punkt gekommen an dem es zeit wird meine Fotografie mit neuem Portfolio, neuem Internetauftritt und neuem Logo zu präsentieren. 2016 wird Tag7 Fotografie 10 Jahre alt, wow! und ich bin dankbar über all das was ich mit meinen Paaren teilen durfte. Und jetzt freue ich mich auf das was die nächsten 10 Jahre an über-fantastischen Momenten bring werden!


tag7 Hochzeitsfotograf Zürich Logo

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Spread love for Japan


We are so moved by what is happening in Japan & decided to help the people there.

Want to get some amazing photos for your living-room wall, as present, wedding invitations or just to make your friends jealous? Here`s your chance:

We`ll be shooting couples in Zurich / Switzerland on Sunday, April 3rd:
20 minutes of shooting, 10 retouched photos in high resolution on DVD & lots of fun for just 150 CHF!!

We`ll be donation 100% to the Red Cross in Japan to help the people over there!

So find out more & get in contact with us today –> Spread LOVE for Japan

Please spread the word, thank you very much for your help!!!

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Andrea & Marcus

The last years have been so exciting for us. Tag7 exists now for more than 5 years, unbelievable that the days & weeks & months passed so fast.

Especially during the last 2 years, since we moved to Switzerland, a lot of things changed for us. It`s been kind of a very special journey to find ourselves, grow as artists & also as persons … we are so thankful for meeting so many amazing people, living our dream & enjoying our profession.

During the last 2 years it also became obvious, that we developed our style more than ever before, which demands changes from us. I Have to add, that I am a big fan of changes, as it makes the life more interesting & challenging and gives you the opportunity to live the life you want to live. So what I am trying to announce here is the start of the biggest change in the history of our wedding photography lives.

Here we go, say hello to our new brand.

In some months you can visit our new homepage & blog

Needless to say, that our new brand is quite different from Tag7.
Andrea & Marcus emerges our love for weddings & fashion & beauty … more than ever before. I`m so proud to show you what we`ve been working on for over a year now, so I hope you like what you see and will check back when our new website & blog and a lot of more exciting news & big changes are coming. We really do appreciate your support & love over the years, thank you so much for being a part of our „new lives“.

So let`s clink glasses on the future & the beauty and chances which lie within changes!

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On the Road …

Over the last months we`ve been crazy busy – not only having the pleasure to be with a lot of amazing couples and people, but also working on our new website, portfolio & blog. And I can proudly say: We are making good progress :)

Over the next 4 weeks we`ll be out of our studio in Switzerland to travel a lot and we are so looking forward to this time!!!
Just for everyone who wants to reach us: We`ll keep an eye on our email accounts, it just may take a bit longer since we can answer your inquiries & questions.
We`ll be back by mid of October and then can take appointments again.

When we come back we`ll have a lot of exciting news, great photos & a totally inspired Andrea & Marcus :)

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Louboutin Love

Mr. Louboutin, you had my heart this weekend because you made my bride even more beautiful & sexy!



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